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TGC at Sacconnesset is a member-owned golf club with membership opportunities that will suit your lifestyle.



TGC at Sacconnesset is a member-owned private club and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of eleven individuals including three managing members.

In a recent survey, TGC at Sacconnesset members stated that they enjoy being part of an evolving club founded on the golf club model that focuses on personalized service, exceptional course conditions, and camaraderie.

TGC at Sacconnesset's Family-Friendly concept is another cutting-edge approach that embraces our member's grown kids and their wives or husbands who play for free with the member,  introducing them to the TGC at Sacconnesset Experience.

Family Friendly: kids of any age play with a parent Member for free - applies to family memberships and individual memberships only. Family Friendly access allows sons and sons in law, daughters, and daughters in law access to play the golf course.  They must play with the member and cannot own or rent property within 50 miles or a minimum drive time of 45 minutes without consideration of traffic.  If they want to play without the member all unaccompanied guest rules and fees apply with restrictions during prime golf times.

For more information on membership offerings please feel free to reach out to our Membership Office at (508)457-7200 ext.3 or email


NEW 2019 Executive Membership (Ages 37-43)

The Executive Membership is designed for Members 37 to 43 years of age.  This membership has limitations based upon the amount of play and dues paid.  There are three dues levels.  Please contact the Membership Office for the details.   Joanna Alessi, Membership Service Manager at (508)457-7200 ext.3 or email for details. 


TGCS Individual and Family Membership Categories

Individual Membership

  • Individual memberships are available and are Family Friendly

Family Membership  

  • A family membership consists of an Individual or couple, and any children under the age of 26 years old
  • Family Friendly

Jumbo Family Membership

  • Family and Individual Members may add a Membership for their children from ages 21 thru 35 for an additional dues charge.  

TGCS Membership Initiation (Initiation is optional at this time)

Family & Individual

  • Initiation               $40,000
    • Payment Plan - 4 years at $10,000 per year


Junior Executive Membership

  • Available to Candidates age 21 thru 36 - Individual or Family.  A special dues rate plan is available for our younger golfers.    This rate has been very popular and is subject to capacity limits.

Junior Executive Initiation Option (Initiation is optional at this time)

  • As with the Dues, we are offering a special initiation rate for our younger golfers.  However, initiation is not required at this time.

Annual fees: Golf Service & Locker Room Gratuities, Capital Fund


TGCS 50/50 / National Membership

  • Dues are 50% off the prevailing dues rates (Family or Individual)
  • Must reside over 50 miles from TGCS or have a minimum drive time of 45 minutes.

TGCS 50/50 National Initiation (optional)

  • Initiation is not required at this time.   The current rate is 50% of the standard initiation.  

Annual fees: Golf Service & Locker Room Gratuities, Capital Fund


Senior Membership

Senior Membership (Age 72+) For the 2018 Season

  • Age 72: No Initiation required for 2018 - Dues at the prevailing rate for Individual or Family

Senior Membership (Age 75+)

  • Age 75: No Initiation required for 2018 and 50% Dues
  • Available to Initiating, Initiated, Equity and 2018 A-Members

Annual fees: Golf Service & Locker Room Gratuities, Capital Fund


Corporate Membership

The Club has a reserved number of Corporate opportunities available.  Dues only and/or TGCS Corporate Initiated may be available at this time.

Corporate Dues Only (2 Year Trial)

  • Dues are graduated based on the number of officers of two (2) up to five (5) officers allowed.
  • This is a two-year trial membership and rates are subject to change after the two years.

Corporate Initiation

  • Dues are graduated based on the number of officers of two (2) up to five (5) officers allowed.
  • Corporate Initiation rates are available.

For more information on TGC at Sacconnesset Membership, contact Joanna Alessi, Membership Service Manager by calling (508)457-7200 ext. 3 or by email

TGC at Sacconnesset, a Rees Jones design, is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. One hour from Boston and 45 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island.

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